"I don't shoot movies, I shoot TV shows"

Unlike other video companys I'm not trying to be Spielberg. My videos are filmed from multiple angles so I never miss anything special. My films are not the romantic films that the $2500 and up companys charge, my films are more about the wedding, and less about the art.

Being that I don't spend as much time editing as the other guys, my prices are alot cheaper as well. Prices as low as $500, for the service, if I'm doing your photography as well.

With my background filming live events, sound is very important to me. Atleast 2 wireless mics (Pastor and Groom) are used for every wedding. On the beach wierd things can happen with audio, so I always have a back up option. If you have a special speaker for your service please let me know. I have more wireless lav mics, I just need to know before hand.

On my $750 and up Wedding videos, I bing in a sound pro to run audio, and the bride side camera angle. This allows me to still shoot photos during the service, while my 2nd shooter insures the brides angle is flawless and sounds great.

If you have a dj for your service I will ask them to plug an audio recorder directly into their board, so all music will sound it's best.

If you would like all day video, I can not do photography as well. Please contact Billy Beach. He and I work well as a team. All day video is a little different beast.

All day package includes both a multi-cam wedding service and a 5 min highlight film. All video files shot that day are on the external hard drive that the client supplies.